My Story: Why I Support Healthier Air For All

Hi, my name is Brela Marler and I go to Dodson High School. I’m in 10th grade, and I’ve been a Next Era member this whole school year. As a Next Era activist for Healthier Air For All, I have led some events and have also received extra training to conduct presentations with community partners.

The Healthier Air For All campaign is important to me because of how smoke can affect everyone. Personally, my mom and brother both smoke in the house and it causes me shortness of breath and makes it hard to breathe sometimes. I’m trying to make indoor places smoke-free is because no one should have to breathe in secondhand smoke – I don’t like how it affects my friends, family, and community because everyone can get cancer from it.

I think youth activism is important because youth can make important changes by interacting with people, speaking out, and helping people when we can by getting them involved with the campaign. When I work Healthier Air For All events, some people don’t know that smoking is damaging them. This is why I’m trying to be a leader and tell people about it so hopefully they will stop and get the idea that it isn’t good for them. My plan to continue working for the Healthier Air For All Campaign is to encourage people to tell their story and tell them they don’t have to be afraid to speak up.

Brela Marler, April 2018

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