Why I Work to Prevent Tobacco Use

Hi, my name is Adelene. I am a 10th grader at Atlanta High School and I am on the Next Era Leadership Team. Being on the Leadership Team gives me extra opportunities to become more knowledgeable about the Healthier Air For All campaign and show others that you can help change the environment. One opportunity I was able to attend was our Leadership Team Summit this summer, that taught me how to help others try to stop the use of tobacco in our community.

Tobacco prevention is important to me because it’s one of the substances that is taking over the world and is very addictive. Approximately 7,200 adults die each year from their own smoking in Louisiana. The tobacco industry can persuade kids or youth because they use influential ads with colorful images and or other influencers youth would like, so that they think it might be safe to get involved in tobacco use. For this reason, our generation starts to use tobacco at young ages. Other kids will also want to use tobacco because they see everyone else doing it.

Youth should be the ones who wants to help stop the usage of tobacco instead of having tobacco use live on! Being in Next Era gives youth the opportunity to contribute to our community, while Healthier Air for All also gives the youth to help change the environment from a tobacco hazard to a smoke-free environment. Creating more tobacco-free environments would be a wonderful change in the world because tobacco effects everyone emotionally, mentally, and physically. Youth should want contribute to the campaign of Healthier Air For All and want to have a healthy environment so that people in workplaces that allow smoking won’t have to put their lives on the line due to others who do smoke and use tobacco. To me, employees in smoke-filled workplaces shouldn’t have to risk their lives or their paycheck because other employees are smoking. While being in smoke-filled places can cause problems, it also affects your family too. Having smoke-free working environments can be significant to not only the workers, but also the customers. Smoke-filled places affect everyone, from the person that smokes to the customer or visitor, so having non-contaminated work areas would be helpful to everyone.

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