Why Youth Should Join Next Era

My name is Chelaja. I am a Senior at Woodlawn High School and this is my second year being involved in Next Era. We are a movement trying to create a healthier Louisiana by creating smoke-free environments for everyone in schools, business, hotels, anywhere! We want everyone to be able to breathe healthy air.

I joined Next Era because my family and I experience secondhand smoke in many places when we walk outside and inside of our community. I don’t like that we have to inhale or hold our breath just because we were passing someone who is smoking. Next Era is a great way for us teens to get our voices heard. As Next Era youth, we set up booths at public events to educate and get feedback from the public on their opinions on secondhand smoke. We offer the opportunity to spin a wheel for a prize or play a game just for filling out one of our surveys to collect public opinion on having healthier air in workplaces. They don’t even need to support the campaign, we collect any response from all people in the community! We are funded by LPHI, so we have a big support system from across the state. We have the opportunity to attend conferences with other Next Era youth, to talk about our ideas, and to host presentations in our community to get the word out.

Next Era allows us – the students –  to make Healthier Air For All fun and enjoyable. I think it’s a great idea for teens to get out, help out our community, and just give back. We want everyone to stay healthy, not just our own families. So come join us and help us get smoke- free environment for everyone, including you!

For more information about Next Era, visit our website at https://www.wearenextera.org/what-we-do/

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