Creating an Anti-Vaping Video

Hello I am Sarah G from Iowa High School. I am in 11th grade and this is my first year being a part of Next Era. The campaign we work on, Healthier Air for All, works to gain support for workers protection from secondhand smoke in the workplace as well as everyone in public places. We hope to make it illegal to smoke in any indoor area where others are present and could potentially suffer from the effects of secondhand smoke. We work towards this goal through council meetings and hosting community events where we collect surveys and support cards from people in the community.

So far as a new member I have attended the training held at my school. During the training I learned a lot of facts and statistics about vaping that I didn’t know, for example teens who vape are 4 times more likely to start smoking. At the training, I also collected a total of 15 surveys and support cards. These surveys and support cards give people an opportunity to why they support healthier air for all and if they’d like to see a smoke free Louisiana. Our school was more than happy to support us in this!

I also took part in creating an anti-vaping video with other Next Era members. In the video we shared some statistics to support the campaign, as well as our own personal statements about vaping. Healthier Air for All is important to me because I want to not only inform my community of these issues but also set a good example for my younger siblings. I want places in my community to be healthy and safe for the people. Hopefully the video will help bring attention to this very serious topic.

I want to make sure that people in my community are aware of the effects of vaping, smoking, secondhand smoke and more so that we can make a cleaner and healthier Louisiana. I also want to help set a good example for my younger siblings so that I can help protect them from the dangers of vaping and other harmful things that Next Era is equipping me to inform others about. I hope to do a lot more with my time as an activist in Next Era and for the Healthier Air for All campaign! I plan to continue helping the campaign in any way that can to make the community aware of this problem we’re fighting to fix.

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