Hanson High School Training


        On January 14, 2020, 7 students at Hanson High School in Franklin, LA, completed a six-hour training course to become members of the Next Era Program. Next Era is a statewide youth movement of The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL). Founded in 2017, Next Era teens across Louisiana are uniting as agents of change to promote healthy, tobacco-free lifestyles. At this training youth shared their passions for a tobacco free, healthier Louisiana and became equipped with the skills to build a statewide advocacy movement. 

      Halee, a freshman at Hanson High School stated that she joined Next Era  “because I thought joining would become and create a great opportunity for me to help my family, friends and community to stop smoking.  I just wanted to help my society to stop using tobacco-related products.” The youth that were trained at Hanson High School are eager to make a difference. Eugene, a freshman at Hanson High School said “Helping our community become tobacco-free is definitely something we are excited about doing. We are so anxious to start, because it’s actually something that we believe in.”

       Next Era provides youth with the opportunity to educate community members about the dangers of tobacco use, work directly on tobacco control policies at a state level and build partners in the community that believe in a healthier Louisiana. In reflection on the training, Joseph, sophomore at Hanson High School said, “I think what we did today with the Next Era group will help our school and communities to be tobacco-free.” Another young activist, Gabriel, freshman at Hanson High School said “I think that this program can really help change the world.  I have learned that the causes of secondhand smoke can put a big effect on human society…. I want to encourage people to stop making bad decisions and change their life.” Youth at Hanson are ready to take action and are equipped with the skills they need to make a real change in their communities and across the entire state.


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