Something on my Heart By: Dejah Johnson

As I reflect on how I arrived at the poem that was submitted for the Healthier Louisiana Challenge, I began to think about my state of mind and everything that is going on in my state due the Coronavirus pandemic.  Life as we know it has changed.  We don’t “attend school” anymore, people are out of jobs, and everyone has to “stay-at-home” to make sure no one gets sick.  With all of this happening around me, I found that there was truly “something on my heart” that I needed to get off.  So, when I found about this Challenge, I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone and in doing so, possibly help someone to feel better. 

Initially, I wanted to write a song, but I did not think that I had enough time to develop it.  So, I decided to write this poem.  I simply wrote was in my heart.  I thought about my Next Era training and how we talked about second hand smoke and the Healthier Air For All campaign.  I figured Healthier Air For All would be a good topic to center this poem around.  I know that people need Healthier Air. Although the poem mentions smoke-free, I figured since the coronavirus attacks the lungs and respiratory system, I thought it would apply to the current state of Louisiana, the United States and the entire Earth.  We all need a break.  We need each other.  We need Healthier Air For All. 

Something on my Heart

(Healthier Air For All)

By:  Dejah Johnson © 2020

You know there is something on my heart

We need to be smoke-free

Just take a look at the world today,

It’s bad for some people to breathe.

It costs so much that you might choke

Please don’t, because it’s not a joke

We need to care for everybody,

because it may end someone’s life

We need to be smoke-free, smoke-free, smoke-free

Can we all be smoke-free

It kills thousands every year

We just cannot help but to see, the air needs to be healthy


Healthy Air For All

Healthy Air For All

We all just need to breathe

Healthier Air For All,

Is the best way to be.

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