My Next Era Experience Thus Far By: Jayvyn Smothers

Greetings! I am Jayvyn Smothers, a Junior at Westgate High School for the 2020-2021 Academic School Year. I have been participating in Next Era for about two or three months now.

Next Era is a group that works for the future generations on a plethora of controversial topics that bring a change to many communities that our members and children reside in.   I wish I would have joined this group beforehand because I have always strived for a greater community and bringing many impacts for the benefits of all people. With a family that does tend to smoke, which is one of the initiatives the Next Era group takes on, I am able to pass on my knowledge to them to help them have a healthier, happy, and quality life. They were uneducated, and it only takes one person with the right mindset to change things, and that is what I did only with the help from Next Era.

With the Healthier Air for All campaign, we explain the significance of tobacco-free living and ways people can get help to quit smoking. We work to take on the challenges faced by a lot of people in our community, which can possibly spread as a domino effect to other communities. In the end, we want everyone to live a happy, healthy, and quality life as they should.

On June 17th, 2020, an E-Hang event was hosted to celebrate and honor our graduating seniors for the Class of 2020.  During this event, myself and my peers played a game where we figured out the meaning of a phrase that was in “emoji form.” After this game, we talked about our lives after graduation. Not only did the graduating senior give her plans, but we all did – all of the students. I enjoyed this portion of the event a lot because it gave us all the chance to speak on what we would like to do, and how we can do it. What really amazed me, is the advice I gave to our graduating seniors. I never knew there was so much wisdom inside of me and with being in the Next Era group and many other initiating groups, I am much more open and not shy as I was before.

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