Join Next Era By: Jayvyn Smothers

Hi! My name is Jayvyn Smothers and I am a Junior at Westgate High School for the 2020-2021 School Year. This is my second official year in Next Era and I am proud to say that I enjoy doing what it is that we do: taking the initiative to bring great change to our communities.

Next Era is a group that works for the future generations on a plethora of controversial topics that bring a change to many communities that our members and children reside in.

I wish I would have joined this group beforehand because I have always strived for a greater community and bringing many impacts for the benefits of all people. With a family that does tend to smoke, which is one of the initiatives the Next Era group takes on, I am able to pass on my knowledge to them to help them have a healthier, happy, and quality life. They were uneducated, and it only takes one person with the right mindset to change things, and that is what I did only with the help from Next Era.

As a member in this group, I hope to spread the same effect that it has on me to someone else so that we can all be on one accord.”

Jayvyn Smothers 

11th Grade Student

Westgate High School

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