Take Down Tobacco Day Winners

Recently Next Era held a state-wide video contest for Take Down Tobacco Day. Take Down Tobacco Day on April 1, 2021, a national day of action that empowers young people to stand up and speak out against the tobacco industry. 

Louisiana students (ages 13-18) were asked to submit a :30 second to two-minute-long video explaining why Louisiana needs to take a stand against the vaping and tobacco industries. Participants chose their own topic but were encouraged to focus on the dangers of vaping and/or tobacco use, nicotine addiction, how to quit vaping and/or using tobacco products, or how tobacco/vaping negatively affects our state. 

Selected videos had the opportunity to earn a $500, $200, or $100 stipend. Videos were be judged on their ability to engage and inspire others, creativity, the clarity of the Take Down Tobacco Day theme and message, and video quality.

2021 Next Era Take Down Tobacco Day Winners are:

1st Place

Marcus Claude

Lacombe, La.

Monteleone Jr. High School 

2nd Place

Debbie Vargas

Grand Lake, La.

Grand Lake High School

3rd Place

Victor Tate

Pearl River, La.

Pearl River High School

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