Live Vape Free

If you or someone you wants help to quit vaping, Next Era can help with that.

Live Vape Free is a free texting program for Louisiana teens ages 13 to 17 who use e-cigarettes or vapes. The interactive program teaches skills that teens can use to quit vaping for good.

“We’ve learned that rates of depression and anxiety in children and adolescents have doubled since the start of the pandemic,” said Dr. Earl Benjamin-Robinson, director of TFL. “While teens may be turning to vapes to help with their mental state, another study has shown that sustained use of e-cigarettes actually increases the rates of depressive symptoms in youth.”

“This, along with the physical harm vaping causes, makes it more important than ever that teens know about the cessation resources available to them.”

The rate of e-cigarette use among Louisiana teens has tripled since 2015, according to the Louisiana Youth Tobacco Survey. Live Vape Free is part of cessation services offered through the Louisiana Tobacco Quitline.

“Teenagers always seem to be on their phones, so we wanted to offer this support to meet them where they are,” explained Well-Ahead Louisiana Director Melissa Martin. “Quitting a tobacco product isn’t easy for anyone, but we must provide the tools to help our residents – even our youth – try.”

The support provided through Live Vape Free is text-message based and offers interactive coaching specifically geared towards teens. Participants have access to a Quit Coach at any time who can provide additional education, tools, and guidance to help them along their quit journey. Features include videos, quizzes, self-assessments, podcasts, and help for a teen to find their “why.”

Any teen in Louisiana ages 13 to 17 can enroll by texting “VAPEFREE” to 873373 and answering a few quick questions to get started.

The Louisiana Tobacco Quitline is a 24-hour, confidential, free tobacco cessation helpline that links people who are ready to quit using tobacco with trained tobacco cessation specialists who help create an individualized plan to quit. The Quitline can provide Louisiana residents free counseling and nicotine replacement therapies to he

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