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If you or someone you wants help to quit vaping, Next Era can help with that. Live Vape Free is a free texting program for Louisiana teens ages 13 to 17 who use e-cigarettes or vapes. The interactive program teaches skills that teens can use to quit vaping for good. “We’ve learned that rates of … Read More

Creating an Anti-Vaping Video

Hello I am Sarah G from Iowa High School. I am in 11th grade and this is my first year being a part of Next Era. The campaign we work on, Healthier Air for All, works to gain support for workers protection from secondhand smoke in the workplace as well as everyone in public places. … Read More

Presenting Healthier Air for All to my Peers

Hi, my name is Hailey and I am a junior at Iowa High School in Iowa, Louisiana. This is my first year in Next Era and it has been a great learning experience! I have become more knowledgeable about the Healthier Air For All campaign and I show others that you can help change the … Read More

Healthier Air For All at the Annual Sugar Cane Festival

Hi, my name is Aysja and I am a Senior at Westgate High School. This is my first year being a member of Next Era, I honestly wish I would have heard of this amazing organization in my earlier years of high school! As a Next Era activist we advocate to promote a healthier Tobacco-Free … Read More

Why Youth Should Join Next Era

My name is Chelaja. I am a Senior at Woodlawn High School and this is my second year being involved in Next Era. We are a movement trying to create a healthier Louisiana by creating smoke-free environments for everyone in schools, business, hotels, anywhere! We want everyone to be able to breathe healthy air. I … Read More

Why Healthier Air For All Matters to Me

My name is Logan and I attend East Ascension High School. I have been in Next Era for 2 years, and I have been on the Next Era leadership team for 1 year. I really enjoy working on Healthier Air for All. The goal of the Healthier Air For All Campaign is to work on … Read More

Why I Work to Prevent Tobacco Use

Hi, my name is Adelene. I am a 10th grader at Atlanta High School and I am on the Next Era Leadership Team. Being on the Leadership Team gives me extra opportunities to become more knowledgeable about the Healthier Air For All campaign and show others that you can help change the environment. One opportunity … Read More

My Story: Why I Support Healthier Air For All

Hi, my name is Brela Marler and I go to Dodson High School. I’m in 10th grade, and I’ve been a Next Era member this whole school year. As a Next Era activist for Healthier Air For All, I have led some events and have also received extra training to conduct presentations with community partners. … Read More

Why We Care About Healthier Air for All

Next Era youth work on campaigns that help make Louisiana healthier. Hear from them about why they are passionate about their work on the Healthier Air For All campaign: “One of the most important things that affects me is second-hand smoke, which saddens me…I want to be the one to change this or at least … Read More

Join Next Era

Why are Louisiana youth passionate about being in Next Era? Here are just a few reasons: “How we talked about nonsmoking inspired me to do better with my life and help out with the community and world and make it a better place!” –Raven B., Monroe, LA “You should join Next Era because it’s fun … Read More