Live Vape Free

Youth and young adults need a reliable way to learn about vaping and take action when you are ready to quit. And that’s why Live Vape Free was created! Live Vape Free is a free texting program for 13- to 17-year-olds that teaches skills to quit vaping for good.

Live Vape Free is text message-based and offers interactive coaching with quizzes, videos, and real advice/support. Participants have access to a Quit Coach at any time who can provide additional education, tools and guidance to help you start quitting and stay quit.

Text VAPEFREE to 873373 and start living your vape-free life today.

Program Features:

  • Unlimited access to a quit coach by simply texting the word “Coach”
  • Interactive features like videos, quizzes, self-assessments, flip cards and podcasts
  • Education on keys to quitting
  • Help to find your “why”

Vaping/e-cigs are the most common form of tobacco/nicotine consumption among Louisiana middle school and high school students

Some students do not think JUULing is the same as vaping/using an e-cigarette. These are all different names for the same thing.

20.7% of high school students and 14.2% of middle school students say flavors are the reason they decided to vape.

Enroll by texting “VAPEFREE” to 873373 to get started.
You’ll need to answer a few quick questions to complete your enrollment and start your quit journey!